Trinity HistoryCon 3.0

Hello all, In this tough and dreary year I decided to do something fun with my research and contributed a talk to Trinity HistoryCon 3.0 on two popular TV shows – Messiah and Lucifer. Interested in my take on how these shows interact with historical concepts about divine encounters, the Second Coming, or the Devil? Watch the video here or on youtube! Check out the full HistoryCon programme here.

De Finibus

A few years ago I had the good fortune to work on the project De Finibus: Christian Representations of the Afterlife in Medieval Ireland in University College Cork. I was part of a team exploring a range of texts containing eschatological ideas, which were neither biblical nor, strictly speaking, apocryphal in content. The primary outcome of this project was an easy-to-read collection of texts presented in both the orinal and in translation, together with a website providing basic information about the topic. The 2-volume project handbook was published in 2014 as The End and Beyond: Medieval Irish Eschatology (available from Oxbow). You can download my individual contributions from the Eschatology page. The second major outcome of this project was my dissertation, entitled ‘Medieval Irish …