Insular Manuscripts Workshop in Vienna

Dear all, this past June I had the great pleasure of attending the Insular Manuscripts Workshop in Vienna, organised by the wonderful Jo Story. Aside from learning a lot from my fellow colleagues, I gave a short presentation about one of my side projects, carried out in collaboration with the BAM in Berlin. I post the (somewhat censured) slides here. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in hearing more. Insular Ink_Vienna_copy

Holy Time Exhibition

I am delighted to share the (digital version of the) exhibition Holy Time: Martyrologies and Calendars Through the Ages with you. I had the great pleasure of putting this together in the autumn of 2017, with the help of the wonderful Caoimhe Ní Ghormáin, from the Trinity College Manuscripts and Archives department, and Sharon Sutton and Caoimhe Whelan, the resident photographers at Trinity’s Digital Resources and Imaging Services department. I also gratefully acknowledge support from the Long Room Hub Research Incentive Scheme, allowing me to make the local exhibition available in digital format. Enjoy! Trinity Long Room Library, January 2018 A common denominator of all history, chronology and future planning is the need to organize time in a meaningful way – …