Trinity HistoryCon 3.0

Hello all, In this tough and dreary year I decided to do something fun with my research and contributed a talk to Trinity HistoryCon 3.0 on two popular TV shows – Messiah and Lucifer. Interested in my take on how these shows interact with historical concepts about divine encounters, the Second Coming, or the Devil? Watch the video here or on youtube! Check out the full HistoryCon programme here.

The Rhetoric of Catastrophe

‘The Rhetoric of Catastrophe in Eleventh-Century Medieval Ireland: The Case of the Second Vision of Adomnán’, in: Catastrophes and the Apocalyptic in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, ed. by Robert E. Bjork, ASMAR 43 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2019), pp. 1-14. There is plenty scholarly contention about the rhetoric of apocalypticism and opinions are divided about which elements to include or dismiss. One of those elements is the concept of a catastrophic end (‘the Apocalypse’). The association between the catastrophic and apocalyptic anxiety is pervasive especially in studies of medieval apocalyptic movements and the interpretation of (perceived) apocalyptic portents. This article* seeks to explore the question: when is a prophecy of catastrophe not apocalyptic? * This article is the print version of …