Hello and welcome! In this space I share some of my thoughts, blog articles about my work, new publications and other announcements.
Why is this page headed aca|media you may ask? It is not a misspelling! It reflects the purpose of this page. For me, working in academia is more than just a job. It’s a vocation that comes with a great amount of passion and an equal amount of social responsibility. I see academia as a medium through which we communicate, using a range of different media. Through research, publications, and public events academics comment on, influence, and interact with society past and present; we are collectively able (and morally bound I would say) to offer a plurality of critical perspectives and stimulate open discussion. Through our teaching we interact with and shape our students’ work, lives, and aspirations, and hopefully help them to become responsible, independent citizens. This blog is a channel capturing some of these media in one place, and also a space for me to share my thoughts and reflect on my work. I hope you enjoy the read.